Rule Making

Guide to Rule Making

Rules Under Review

Thank you for your feedback from January regarding the Scope of Practice rules.  After the Rules Committee received your feedback, additional rules have been developed or amended for your comments and input, as well as assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community. As a stakeholder, your feedback is encouraged! 

If you wish to provide commentaries on any of the rules listed below, please respond on or before Monday June 15, 2020 to  All feedback will be considered by the Rules Committee at its next meeting. 




  • 4725-3-01 Application for licensure
  • 4725-3-10 Criminal records check
  • 4725-3-11 Consideration of military experience, education, training and term of service
  • 4725-3-12 Temporary licensure for military members and spouses
  • 4725-3-23 License application fee for military spouse
  • 4725-5-05 Code of Ethics

What happens at the next Rules Committee Meeting?

The members will consider the additional feedback received and decide on how to proceed with each rule. Once the members have made a final determination, you will receive an email notification advising whether the rules will remain unchanged, amended, or eliminated. A document called a Business Impact Analysis  (BIA) Form will be included with the next notification to explain the impact the rules, and any proposed changes, have on business. After full Board approval, there will be an additional email notification, where you will have the opportunity to comment on the rules directly to the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Office.

The CSI Office will review the rules and comments received and will provide recommendations to the Board to either proceed or make modifications to the rules. The Board will proceed filing the rules with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) for adoption. A formal rules hearing will be held, and you will receive an email notification advising of the date and time of the hearing, at which time you may provide input again, with written or in-person testimony.

Important Links for your perusal:

CSI Office:
Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review:
Vision Professionals Board:

Thank you for your attention and your promptness in responding by Monday, June 15th  to  If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.